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Submitted on
December 2, 2013


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Point Commissions (always open!)

Mon Dec 2, 2013, 7:43 PM

Please read the rules before commissioning me, thank you! 

Rules For Commissioning:

-I'm using the currency 100 :points: is equal to one US dollar. Currently I don't have a paypal, so I'm just accepting points at the moment. 

-You can put my art on your profile page, and are allowed to post my art in your gallery only if you were the one who commissioned me! You must give credit to me for the artwork however!  

I will draw: 
-innocent yaoi and yuri 
Just ask if it's not on my list and I'll give it a yes or no. 

Things I will NOT draw: 
-excessive gore
-complicated machines/weapons/robots 
-porn, hentai, things rated over PG-13.
-Pay completely before I even start drawing! This motivates me to get it done sooner! 

-Be polite and courteous. ♥ No swearing, yelling, getting upset, just politely state what you want and don't get mad. I will be polite and courteous to you in return. 

-I have the right to decline commissions if I don't feel comfortable drawing it or if you're just being downright rude. I also have the right to refund commissions if I feel like you're rushing me or being rude. I will provide a full refund. After I have posted it, however, you may not ask for your points back. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE! These prices are just for one character. If you wish to have multiple characters, multiply the price by the number of characters you have! 


Number of characters:
Visual references of character(s): 
Pose(s) of character(s): 
Background (optional: 
Any specific little details? 
Price total: 


Pixels: 200 :points: (headshot only at the moment) 

BonSquishy by LittleCupofCocoaFoxlett by LittleCupofCocoaPC: SolarGem by LittleCupofCocoa

Headshot: 75 :points:
Bust: 100 :points: 
Half body: 150 :points: 
Full body: 300 :points:
To add coloring, just add 50 :points:. Circle backgrounds are free. To add a background, just add 50 :points:. To add shading, just add 50 :points:.

Counting Stars by LittleCupofCocoa

.hello depression my old friend. by LittleCupofCocoa

Line art
Headshot: 75 :points: 
Bust: 100 :points: 
Half body: 150 :points:
Full body: 300 :points: 


Headshot: 200 :points: 
Bust: 250 :points: 
Half body: 350 :points: 
Full body: 500 :points: 
Contact me for pricing on a background~

AT: Fynxi by LittleCupofCocoa

Headshot: 250 :points: 
Bust: 300 :points: 
Half body: 400 :points: 
Full body: 700 :points: 
Contact me for pricing on a background~
Fawnd by LittleCupofCocoa
Beneath the Stars  by LittleCupofCocoa
Fireflies and Feelings by LittleCupofCocoa

Headshot: 300 :points: 
Bust: 450 :points: 
Half body: 700 :points: 
Full body: 1000 :points: 
Contact me for pricing on a background~

PC: LoyalWing by LittleCupofCocoa

This Broken Soul by LittleCupofCocoa

Dani by LittleCupofCocoa

Traditional Doodles~ by LittleCupofCocoa

Headshot: 75 :points: 
Bust: 100 :points: 
Half Body: 150 :points: 
Full Body: 300 :points: 


Price determined by customer. ♥
whispering galaxies She whispered galaxies into the night sky, hoping for an echo to return. The emptiness of the quiet consumed her, drowning her thoughts as she tumbled downward into a spiral of mayhem. She reached for moonlight's sweet lullaby, frantically trying to swim her way towards the surface. The darkness hummed a serenade, wrapping its poisoned touch around her heart. Engulfed, terrified, she tried to scream, but all that was left was silent agony. 
   she wept in the night
    where only echoes of the broken remained.
© oakleafninja23, 2014
  Pompeii © oakleafninja23 | 2014
footprints on the shore 
waves washing over the memories of time 
hear laughter in the breeze 
look at your smile 
i want to stay for a little while 
hands entwined 
i hear secrets entangled in your voice 
wanting to come out 
in the sounds of summer 
i listen 
as your walls fell down around your heart 
and when we leave 
only silent imparts 
we close our eyes on the sandy shores 
of paradise eternal 
forever alone in our paradise 
  free     Free. She was free, with secrets entwined in her braids twisting down her back and grazing the ground. The wind whispered and laughed into her ear, and she laughed along with it. The world was hers, and she breathed in and exhaled life. Her eyes twinkled like the onyx skies, and gazing into them was like drowning in galaxies of fun and childlike wonder. 
     She was only seven when she became free. The doctors said there was nothing they could do, and the world could do nothing but watch as life slowly pulsed out of her on her hospital bed, in a dreary beige room with only a small window of life. 
     Light from the window dappled on her cold body, but wore a blissful smile on her face. 
     Free. She was finally free.
o little child of mine,
do your eyes still sparkle with wonder?
is the breath in your lungs 
full of life
forever young?
be still,
my chil

Created at Background by Gasara
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dogebutt Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
r these still open? ;o;
LittleCupofCocoa Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014
Digital commissions open <33
LittleCupofCocoa Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
Yep! I just had to take a bit of a hiatus because I had hurt my wrist, but I just got a laptop and I'm getting an art program later today, so tomorrow I'll be fiddling around with digital drawings ♥ I can do traditional commissions today though! 
Mani-Hime Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Student General Artist
Number of characters: Ken Vikasa (genderbent version of Kenna Vikasa)
Visual references of character(s): (This was a lazy sketch): 30 Day OTP Challenge Day 14- Genderbent by Mani-Hime   (he's the guy on the left)
Pose(s) of character(s): I was thinking of Ken looking down at his body, and have his arms out in a "Are you kidding me?" position. He could be saying, "Now who did this?!"
Background (optional): I was thinking of it being a circle background (blue and white).
Any specific little details? No specific details.
Price total: This is going to be a shaded half body, so it is 400 :points:.
LittleCupofCocoa Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
Hello! Digital commissions are available again, but I've updated my prices and it might be a bit to get used to drawing on my laptop and the programs, just letting you know! 
Mani-Hime Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Hello <3 Ah, okay. How is your arm doing?
LittleCupofCocoa Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
Pretty good! I've gotten to the point where I can take my brace off all day! ♥
Mani-Hime Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Nice~! I'm glad to know that it's improving. ^^

Anyways, I was thinking of a change of mind to the commission, so here it is: 

Number of characters: 2
Visual references of character(s): (Kenna's armor outfit: Warrior Outfit Kenna ref by Mani-Hime  ; Ike:… )
Pose(s) of character(s): I was thinking of Ike having his hand rested on Kenna's head, kissing it, and have a heart above his head. Kenna could look shocked and surprised.
Background: Yellow circle with white hearts.
Any specific little details?: None~
Price total: 250 :points: (This is a flat line art bust commission, so how much would it cost for two characters?)
LittleCupofCocoa Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014
A flat line art? You mean a flat bust?
Mani-Hime Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student General Artist
Yes, sorry about that.
How many points would it be then, for a flat bust with two characters?
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